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Quality choice is a concrete treatment company specializing in all facets of Floor coating treatment from repairs, resurfacing, sealing, waterproofing, acid staining and epoxy surfacing. We have been working in the concrete treatment and flooring industry since feb 2014.

Our aim is to build an efficient and sustainable concrete surface treatment company based in Curacao.

We offer competent and competency based skills, designed to provide all customers in the industrial, commercial and domestic markets with trust in our services. 

Our structure provides us with the ability to service small, medium sized and large projects.

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Our Services

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Great Support

We strive to serve our costumers with great respect and honesty. Do not expect nothing else than a reliable & honest customer service from us.

High quality products

To assure the return on your investment we work high quality products that are guaranteed to last for years.

Amazing prices

Compared to the traditional tiles we provide great floors designs for a lower price. Win-Win unique looking floors for a better price.

Pricing & Plan

All our prices includes materials and labor. For more information about each floor type visit the details page.

Hermetic Flake
fl60/m2 - fl115/m2
  • 0 - 10m2  =  fl115,- /m2
  • 11 - 20m2 =  fl85,- /m2
  • 21 - 50m2 =  fl75,- /m2
  • 51- 300m2=  fl65,- /m2
  • 301m2 plus= fl60,- /m2
Metallic Epoxy
fl80/m2 - fl150/m2
  • 0 - 10m2  =  fl150,- /m2
  • 11 - 20m2 =  fl115,- /m2
  • 21 - 50m2 =  fl90,- /m2
  • 51- 300m2=  fl85,- /m2
  • 301m2 plus= fl80,- /m2
Hermetic Quartz
fl55/m2 - fl115/m2
  • 0 - 10m2  =  fl115,- /m2
  • 11 - 20m2 =  fl80,- /m2
  • 21 - 50m2 =  fl70,- /m2
  • 51- 300m2=  fl60,- /m2
  • 301m2 plus= fl55,- /m2
Stain Job
fl20/m2 - fl55/m2
  • 5 - 20m2  =  fl55,- /m2
  • 21- 300m2=  fl25,- /m2
  • 301m2 plus= fl20,- /m2

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Phone (O.Maltida): +59995130728
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